Business types

Clarity Software is currently used to satisfy the needs of a range of business types. Here is a closer look at some of them.

Large format sign, print, digital, graphic design and packaging

Compare estimates with actual costs and profit, generate accurate quotes and reduce wastage. Manage your production schedule and keep an eye on your overall costs and profit at a glance.

Clarity can generate incredibly accurate quotes that take wastage, ink consumption, machine speed and shop floor overheads into account. It will even show you how to lay out a job to reduce wastage and will calculate the exact cost of unavoidable wastage to the penny. So even inexperienced estimators can create accurate quotes – no matter how bespoke the job is.

Trade and manufacturing

Quotes that take account of all materials, labour and machinery running costs. Schedule work, keep track of project developments and store your customer details – all on one central system.

No matter how bespoke a job is, Clarity makes it easy to create accurate quotes from a customised price list. It also provides ongoing visibility of actual costs and profit, compared with your estimates. So you won’t lose track of unexpected costs.

Leisure, retail and eCommerce

Intuitive and easy-to-use solution for managing: bespoke orders; your customer database; production scheduling; staffing; and stock.

Link your web shop with your business management system. See exactly how much stock you have and if you’re running low on anything – all without leaving your desk. Clarity links your jobs with available stock, so if an upcoming job requires materials that you’re about to run out of, it will automatically create a requisition.

Advertising and software development

Saving briefs and project specifications against relevant jobs and booking in production time quickly and efficiently.

Give your clients complete transparency with itemised quotes and invoices – listing time spent on information architecture, design, copy writing, artwork and development.

Event management and event suppliers

Keep all project and contact details in one place, easily maintain your customer database Invoices integrated with Sage and Quickbooks.

Build highly accurate quotes in seconds and keep track of all communication with customers. anyone in your business can create an accurate quote, simply by selecting from a list. If one of your suppliers increases their prices, you can update the system and make sure you’re not losing money. Or even better, use Clarity to send out multiple requests for quotes and find a new supplier.

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Our leading edge MIS business management software empowers users to be more proactive and assists with the streamlining and improvement of services you provide for your customers.

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