Clarity Pro




Digital Print


“We were impressed with the detail and reliability of Clarity. It fits our digital print business perfectly. Since installing the system the number of quotations has increased, the sales conversion ratio is up and our monthly profit forecasts are more accurate”

Rob Farfort – Director

Company Background

Based in Narborough, Leicester, Data Image Group Ltd provides modern and creative digital print and display services to companies across the UK.

Company issues

Robert Farfort, Director of Data Image Group, was becoming increasingly concerned with the inability to cost their jobs accurately. Quotations were generated manually, meaning profit margins on a job were being guessed or rounded up, resulting in a huge potential margin for error.

Proposed solution

Clarity Professional was selected by Data Image to solve their quotation issues and bring reliability to their sales and operational processes.

Utilising features such as supplier and customised price lists, promotional price breaks, workflow estimations and delivery schedules, Rob and his team can now confidently forecast their bottom line returns.

But most importantly, they have the ability to make an informed decision on when to take on or refuse a new job.

Ongoing support

Data Imgage has implemented the latest browser-based Shop Floor Data Collection module to improve efficiency and visibility across their production processes. And the addition of four premium

Calc-Wizards has made the once draining job pricing complex and repeat orders easy.