Print MIS

Print MIS software – Key benefits for your business

MIS platforms are increasingly being adopted to improve business operations across the large format signage and printing industries but do people really understand the true value they can bring? MIS (Management Information System) at a very basic level serves as the backbone of an organisation’s operations. An MIS will gather data from various online systems, analyse the information and report data which helps to influence and plan business decision-making. Such planning can span across many […]

Clarity Software Business Growth

Business software supports long term planning and growth

Business growth that is sustainable can be achieved using software that streamlines process costs and increases efficiency We all know what business success looks like: more customers, higher revenue and happy staff working towards the same goal. But if your business is just getting off the ground or you’re stuck in a rut, where do you start? A quick online search will give you lots of ideas – such as refining your sales funnel and […]


How Clarity can help you with GDPR compliance

At Clarity Software, we are committed to delivering a product and service which helps our customers adhere to the new GDPR regulations. A couple of months ago, we published an article introducing the six key areas of the GDPR – from a Clarity perspective. We recommend that you give this a quick read before diving into this update. Since our last article, we’ve held a number of intensive workshops – involving the developers, support team, […]


The GDPR – A Clarity perspective

As you may have heard, the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) – which currently governs the collection, storage and handling of personal data in the UK – will be replaced from 25th May 2018 with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Lauded as the ‘biggest change to data protection law in a generation’, the GDPR has attracted a lot of attention recently – particularly due to the rather large sums that companies could be fined […]


Make your business run like clockwork

Clarity Software has – quite frankly – an absurd amount of uses and benefits, so it can be tricky to explain it all without droning on. Flicking through Print Solutions recently (always an informative read – I highly recommend it), I came across a fantastic article on management information systems (MIS). It’s a great introduction to what a huge impact the right MIS could have on your business. The following article is taken, with permission, […]