Clarity Software UK raise cash for defibrillator install

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Clarity Software UK staff successfully raise money to install a new 24hr access onsite defibrillator at their head office in Shirley

Clarity Software UK team members came together with colleagues from Touch Systems to raise money to purchase a Community Public Access Defibrillator (CPAD) to be fitted outside their company offices. The idea came about after staff decided they wanted to do something to benefit the local community in a health-related way.

Following some discussion and investigation, staff decided to look into defibrillators and realised that there was nothing local in place to serve the Business Park.

After a period of successful fundraising by the Clarity Software UK team, money was donated to local charity ‘Charlotte & Craig Saving Hearts Foundation’ who organised the supply and fit of a G5 defibrillator at the company headquarters located on Cranmore Drive in Shirley, Birmingham.

The new defibrillator will be a valuable asset on the estate in helping people from local businesses to have the best chance of survival if a cardiac arrest was to happen.

Janet Redman, Finance Director for Touch Systems commented;

“After a period of fund-raising and a generous donation by the company to match the funds raised, we are proud to have our defibrillator installed and a number of our staff trained in essential life-saving techniques. Well done to all involved”.

New G5 defibrillator fitted at Clarity Software UK offices in partnership with The Charlotte and Craig Saving Hearts Foundation