For 19 years Clarity Software has continually innovated and grown to become a leading provider of MIS, CRM, marketing and sales solutions for the signage, print, digital and packaging industries.

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    Clarity Software founded

    Clarity Software was founded back in 2001 by Richard Gamlin

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    First version of Clarity created

    The first version of Clarity Software was released in 2002 with just basic modules such as, Contacts, Price List, Quotes/Jobs, Notes (very basic Activities) Stock/Goods and reporting

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    First customer acquired

    Cotswold Expo Ltd – 21st November 2002 (installed by our developer (Toby Groves) who is still developing the software today)
    Followed by:

    • Eco Rock – 20th December 2002
    • Spectrum Sign and Display Ltd – 23rd January 2003
    • Morgan Consultant – 31st January 2003
    • The Graphics Company – 5th February 2003

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    Operations now

    We have over 800 customers with 4284 users logged in daily

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    Key customers

    Data Image, Hollywood Monster, Stock Signs, Signs Express, Octink, Xtreme Graphics, Foscos, Signs Specialists

  • 6

    Future plans

    To continue to develop and produce software using quick-thinking approach that will assure our customers get the best out of their Clarity System.

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