Manage your information securely from one location and never lose a document again with Clarity Information and Document Storage Systems.

Our Information System & Document Storage Software is built with all this in mind. Not only is our software developed to securely store all types of document and information, but we’ve also focused on making our software easy to use and accessible to all staff. With a flexible folder-based system, it’s simple to scale and grow your information systems with your business, with no system slow down or running overcapacity. 

Connect with your contacts, quotes, jobs, purchase orders and supplier invoices all from one location; our system can store any document related to the work. With the ability to create a tailored document storage system, you can define your folder structure specific to your business set up and requirements. Work with your staff to create a document storage system that works for their needs, and ensure that everyone can find the right documents every time.

It’s simple – it’s information management with Clarity. 

Why Choose Clarity Information Management & Document Storage Software?

Manage all your documents and information systems from one location that works with your business in mind.

Secure document and information management

Have complete peace of mind that all your documents and essential information are stored securely using our software. Find everything in one place using a system that works with your business model and staff requirements.

Flexible system that scales with business growth

No matter how fast your business grows, our software can keep up. With a folder-based system, it’s a completely scalable function so you never have to worry about your information management system slowing down or running out of space.

Connect with data systems for enhanced data management

Compatible with other key areas of the business such as contacts, quotes, live jobs, purchase orders and supplier invoices so you can access everything you need for managing your business in one location.

Designed with staff and working practices in mind

We understand that you need to have multiple levels of folders and document types all stored in one place for quick access. Our system is designed so that your business can develop a system that works exactly for you - build a folder structure around your business, not the other way round.

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Clarity case studies
Clarity case studies
Clarity case studies
Clarity case studies


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