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Goods and stock management

With Clarity your warehouse staff will know exactly how much stock you have, where to find it – and its value. Save time locating items, reduce wastage and promote a safer working environment. Your warehouse will operate like a well-oiled machine.

Receive goods into stock quickly. Create goods received notes and automatically tick items off your bill of materials. Use Clarity to choose which facility, zone, rack or bin to send stock to and label it up with stickers printed from the system.
Picking lists generated directly from quotes when a customer quote has been confirmed, Clarity creates picking lists so you know if there are multiple jobs requiring the same materials and allow you to pick for multiple jobs at once.
Track stock movements and locate items fast. Clarity manages your stock so you know when an item is picked and where it’s been moved to. Always know which jobs you can take on and when to raise a new purchase order.
Intelligent roll management our advanced stock functionality gives you the ability to nest specific jobs to rolls of material, using off-cuts and partial rolls to save money and increase efficiency.