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Proof of delivery app

As well as proving the successful delivery and installation of completed jobs, the app records time spent on deliveries, tracks the status of deliveries in real time and provides a complete paper(less) trail for each job.

Speed up the rate of payment when you raise an invoice for a completed job, you can quickly and easily attach the digital proof of delivery signature and the photos taken on site. So rather than waiting for documents to arrive back in the office, you can shoot off an invoice as soon as work is delivered – and get paid quicker.
Track actual time spent on each job your delivery driver – or third-party courier – can easily record time spent by tapping ‘start’ and ‘complete’ within the app. This is the final step in ensuring the details associated with each job are reported as accurately as possible.
As well as guaranteeing customer satisfaction, getting paid quicker and achieving full traceability for each job, you’ll have a much tidier, environmentally friendly office. All delivery notes, proof of delivery signatures and photos are stored digitally, saving space required for hard-copy filing and saving hours in manual admin.
Capture digital signatures and photos with Clarity’s intelligent proof of delivery app, Track actual time spent on each job.