Clarity network integration features

Minimise time quoting large complex jobs

Reduce manual admin time. Rather than creating a new quote, job or contact manually, let the network integration module do it for you. Simply link your existing website functionality with Clarity and effectively your customers will be creating their own quotes, jobs and contact cards.

Gives you the edge

Get the edge over your competitors with faster turnaround times as soon as a customer places an order and you run the data import wizard (it’s very quick) – the job can be started. Similarly with quotes, if a customer has already selected the items they’d like quoted, all you need to do is run the wizard, generate an accurate quote and get back to your customer.

Take online orders into your MIS

Update your customer database with every new enquiry and order you receive when someone fills in the enquiry form on your website, or makes their first order, the network integration module will create a new corresponding contact in your customer database.

Accurately process new enquiries without having to type contact data

Rather than having to manually enter every detail about a new contact, Clarity will grab the information and feed it into your contacts database for you.


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