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System requirements

Providing our customers with the best user experience is important to us and we constantly strive to make Clarity Software available to everyone. The following information outlines system requirements to ensure you get optimum performance when using Clarity Software.

Third party software integration

If you have any questions about the extent of integration for supported versions or upcoming versions not shown on this page please contact our sales team who can provide you with more detail.

Clarity intergrations
Clarity intergrations
Clarity intergrations
Clarity intergrations
Clarity intergrations
  • Microsoft Office 2010 to v2016 (2016, 64-bit and Office 365 versions require Clarity Desktop v5 or above. Office 365 integration still requires a desktop client)

  • Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari (Only on Mac O/S)

  • Sage 200 (2011, 2013, 2013 R2, 2015) *Desktop versions only.

  • Xero accounting software (requires Clarity Go)

  • QuickBooks 2008 to 2020 (Pro, Premier & Enterprise) *Desktop versions only.

  • Sage Line 50 / Line 50c Accounts (Inc. Sage Essentials) v8 to 2020 (v26) (Sage Drive not supported) *Desktop versions only.

Third party software exports

Clarity Pro has the ability to create a .csv file in the correct format for importing into the following accounts packages. If you have any questions about the export functionality on this page please contact our sales team who can provide you with more detail.

  • SageOne – Export of Sales invoices and Credit notes. *Please note Purchase invoices are not currently supported.

  • QuickBooks Online – Export of Sales invoices only. *QuickBooks online doesn’t currently support the import of Credit notes via .csv

  • Xero – Export of Sales invoices and credits. If you require full integration with Xero accounting you will need to do this via Clarity Go

  • KashFlow – Export of Sales invoices and credits only.*Please note Purchase invoices are not currently supported .

As part of deploying your Clarity system, the database and server software will require a dedicated server machine at the customer site*, with a stable and permanent internet connection. This server machine should meet or exceed the following specification:

  • Intel i5 (or comparable) Quad Core 3.3ghz processor
  • Microsoft Windows 7SP1/Server 2008 R2 to Windows 10/Server 2016 – Updates and services packs should be up to date
  • 16GB of RAM
  • 50GB of available hard-disk space
  • 1920 x 1080px screen resolution
  • For the Clarity database – Microsoft SQL Server Express 2014 onwards**
  • Existing systems using SQL 2008 R2 up to and including SQL 2012 are still supported


* It is possible, although not recommended to run Clarity on an off-site server / cloud server. Please note you will need a very stable internet connection to avoid the risk of significate performance issues.

** Microsoft’s SQL Server Express database engine (free version) has a maximum storage capacity of 10GB and is restricted to using a single core within the processor and 1GB of ram. It is recommended that, on systems of 10 or more users a full version of SQL Server is used to aid system performance and avoid issues. Clarity will cease to function if you are using SQL Express and reach the 10GB database limit, you will then need to upgrade to the full version of SQL server in order to continue using the software. This limit is set by Microsoft. We are unable to advise on the best CAL (Client Access Licence) to purchase as this is down to your individual requirements.

1. SQL Server should not be installed on the domain controller; this is not recommended by Microsoft and will cause performance and stability issues with Clarity.

2. It is possible, but we do not recommend using a server that already has Microsoft Exchange installed on it. If this is the case, please discuss with the Clarity support team first. Any server that is already under load, regardless of software installed is not recommended.

3. SQL Server requires database files to be stored on a local drive. Network drives are not supported without use of a Storage Area Network (SAN).

4. As part of the implementation of Clarity Pro we will setup a nightly backup of the Clarity database using a scheduled task. These backup files will need to be manually backed up to an external location or added to your offsite backup routine as we do not hold copies of these. The scheduled task will use a specific user account, if the details of this account are changed the scheduled task will fail to run.

  • Intel i3 (or compatible) Dual Core 3GHz processor
  • 8GB of RAM
  • 20GB of available hard-disk space
  • 1920 x 1080px screen resolution
  • Access to local or network printer
  • An internet connection on at least one client machine
  • Microsoft Outlook, for email integration


1. While Clarity is built for Microsoft Windows, it is possible to run it on a Mac by using Parallels, Boot Camp or similar software which provides a Windows environment on a Mac. You will require a copy of Microsoft Windows to install within this environment.

2. The minimum supported version of Microsoft Windows is 7 with service pack 1.

3. We no longer support Clarity Pro\Lite pre v5 and there will be no further development. If a problem is found in a legacy version of Clarity you will be required to upgrade to the latest version and the above system requirements will need to be met.

  • iOS 9.0 or above
  • Android devices running OS 8.1 or above