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What’s your time really worth?

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What do you earn an hour?

Have you ever sat down and worked out your true worth

Do it now…

Divide your salary by the hours you work!

So, if you earn £80,000 pa and work 50 hours a week for 49 weeks a year that’s 80,000 divided by 2,450 = £32 an hour

Then have you ever thought about how you use those valuable hours in your business?

Let’s face it you’re expensive and I know that a lot of those hours are spent on things that don’t require your wage or skillset. To run a successful business you need to escape from the day to day working in your business and rise above the noise to work on your business.

That’s what most super successful business owners do and it’s hard!

So, the trick is to get some of those hours back to spend on the important things in your business or to spend more time with your family!

There’s two ways to do this
  • Get more staff and pay them less to do the same job to release you. But actually this way you’re adding costs and then there’s the training etc so the hassle might not make a big difference even though you’ll get a few hours back
  • Automate your processes. But this costs as well surely?

Well, yes it does! However, remember you’re getting loads of valuable hours back to spend on bigger things to help grow your business more, so it’s all about the Return On Investment (ROI).

Let’s say you currently spend 30 hours of your week on the doing; pricing jobs, quoting the customer, chasing quotes, raising works orders, invoicing and management information.

You’ll get the majority of that time back by using a good CRM, estimating, quoting and production software.

30 hours at £32 and hour is £960 a week and £47,040 a year!

Not bad and nowhere near what you’ll spend on a system to help you, so the ROI will be huge.