A Guide to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

If your business is storing customer information as scribbles in notepads, in spreadsheets or in address books, then you need a more efficient and safer way to keep track of customer information and communication. 

The solution is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. 

What is CRM Software?

Customer Relationship Management is the process of storing and organising customer data in order to deliver the very best customer service. 

CRM software is so much more than a glorified digital address book. Whilst contact information, shipping and billing addresses and demographic information are stored in a CRM, it aggregates customer data and collates it into visual, easy-to-interpret structures and dashboards. 

CRM software can also help companies effectively manage their sales pipeline. New business contacts can be uploaded to your CRM and organised into groups based on where they sit in the sales funnel.

This can help you deliver the very best customer service and build long-lasting rapports with prospects and existing customers. 

Why implement a CRM solution?

Managing customer and supplier information is challenging. This is even more so the case if your team are tracking static information such as emails, names, contact numbers and more across notepads, and spreadsheets. 

Spreadsheets and pieces of paper lack the dynamic features of a CRM, all of which make managing customer information, visualising data and getting a complete overview of your sales pipeline a dream. 

CRM Software vs Spreadsheets 

Clarity Software’s leading Customer Relationship Management solution is designed to help your business run seamlessly, from an intuitive, user-friendly and centralised CRM. 

Team members are able to quickly understand the status of a lead or order, along with the communication history. This means they can deliver seamless customer service every single time. 

The importance of CRM software 

Imagine one of your sales team is working on a new lead or they’ve got an order from an existing customer. 

All of this information is stored in their notebook or on their computer. They go on holiday and there’s no handover or visibility for these jobs, so the prospect or existing customer is left in the dark. 

No one else in the team knows to follow-up, and the prospect doesn’t hear anything for a few weeks after their initial enquiry. Instead, they go to your competitor and do business with them. 

When you implement a multi-faceted CRM that tracks activity from the moment a customer has enquired to their order being completed, everyone in your team will have complete transparency over every lead, at every stage. 

What can a CRM system help with? 

Improved contact management 

CRM software does so much more than just store basic customer information. With Clarity Software’s CRM module, you can store: 

  • Full name

  • Email address

  • Locations 

  • Birthday 

  • Job title 

  • Communications notes 

  • Purchase history 

  • Customer likes and dislikes 

  • Follow ups and reminders 

This means your team can deliver truly personalised customer service, marketing campaigns and product recommendations. Our CRM solution elevates your customer relationship management, helping your team work smarter, not harder. 

Easier sales pipeline management 

Managing your sales pipeline and nurturing leads isn’t easy - especially if you have several leads at different stages. 

However, with Clarity Software, you can easily manage these leads via status, and prioritise those that are likely to convert. Getting complete transparency over your new business pipeline has never been easier. 

Level up your marketing activity 

When you combine your marketing activity with your CRM, you can deliver truly personalised campaigns that are likely to convert. 

From keeping track of every email campaign to understanding the real ROI of other marketing activities when you integrate your CRM with marketing, your team will have access to analytics that could otherwise take days or even weeks to get. 

Enhanced internal communication

Internal communications are critical to the smooth running of any business - when your team members are regularly updating customer records, everyone knows what’s going on and internal communications are improved. 

Our Customer Relationship Management software has been developed to follow best practice procedures and communication strategy tactics to help you talk to your customers in a way that works best for your business.

Manage your customer service with Clarity Software 

Clarity Software can revolutionise your customer service, marketing and sales efforts. With CRM software business owners can: 

  • Track new business opportunities and sales leads,

  • Maintain customer relationships,

  • Get complete transparency over customer communications,

  • Store customer and supplier data in accordance with GDPR, 

  • Streamline any administrative sales tasks and more. 

So, what are you waiting for? Without a CRM solution, you risk delivering poor customer service and losing your business to competitors. If you’d like to find out more about Clarity Go or Clarity Pro,

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