Track delivery in real time, monitor installations and measure time spent for efficiency, as well as retaining a complete digital record.

As we do less business face-to-face, it’s more important than ever to ensure that all details, notes and jobs are completed with accuracy and integrity by all parties involved. Choosing a Proof of Delivery software or app can help protect you and your customers, while maintaining up-to-date records and complete traceability.

  • Use digital e-sign or app signature features, plus photographs, for proof of delivery and installation.

  • Complete delivery notes using information from the approved job for 100% accuracy.

  • Raise and send invoices quicker, thanks to immediate digital proof of completion.

  • Track deliveries in real time - perfect for time critical jobs or for improved efficiency management.

  • Cut down on admin and paperwork with one centralised app, accessible to all staff.

  • Maximise the time you have for calendar and time slots with delivery management software features.

It’s simple - it’s managing proof of delivery with Clarity

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