Business software supports long term planning and growth

Business growth that is sustainable can be achieved using software that streamlines process costs and increases efficiency

We all know what business success looks like: more customers, higher revenue and happy staff working towards the same goal. But if your business is just getting off the ground or you’re stuck in a rut, where do you start?

A quick online search will give you lots of ideas – such as refining your sales funnel and the latest lead generation tactics. These approaches have their merits, but without business-wide, best-practice processes in place, you’ll simply be building great ideas onto a shaky foundation. So how can you establish best-practice processes without micro-managing your team?

More importantly, how can you be convinced that something as simple as ‘best-practice processes’ can have such a dramatic impact on your bottom line?

Our connected, information-rich world

Consider the digital transformation that’s occurred in your private life recently. Many processes have sneaked in to make you more efficient, productive and better-informed. Most information is a click away. You can shop for almost anything in one place. You can measure your fitness levels. The list goes on. In fact, the more streamlined your personal life becomes, the more frustrating inefficiency is at work.

The impact of business management software

Enhanced business processes for accessing information, quoting accurately and quickly, consolidated purchasing, data visibility and instant reorganisation are not fantasy. They are possible now with end-to-end business management software.

Measurement and data visibility

When planning growth, it’s crucial that you have a way of reviewing your business performance. Accountancy software will show financial performance, but not where you can turn the dial up on profit and down on loss. With end-to-end systems nowadays, you can analyse exactly which customers, products, months, even employees – generate the most and least income. With this visibility –it’s easy to see where growth opportunities lie.

Sales pipeline management and customer service

It doesn’t matter how many new leads you cram into the top of your sales funnel, if these prospects don’t receive top-notch service, they won’t become customers or even repeat ones.

The CRM and sales element of software, means the whole history of you and your customers’ relationships are instantly accessible by anyone in your company. You can plan meetings and calls related to specific jobs centrally, so absence cover and projects can be shared between staff.

Accuracy and efficiency

One of the key reasons businesses choose software is for the speed and accuracy of estimating and quoting. You have all your prices and production methods listed, so you can rely on anyone to generate accurate quotes quickly, regardless of experience. Once a quote is confirmed, a click will schedule it into production. Software will also help you keep track of stock usage, use up left-over materials and only order when necessary – even consolidating your business purchasing, saving time and delivery costs.

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