Customer Experience – why is it important?

Customer Experience (CX) benefits explained

Customer Experience (CX) is often identified as a key performance area for business. A recent report published by digital experts Smart Insights highlighted that 87% of marketing, CX and analytics professionals say good CX is important but only 24% are performing highly at delivering it.

Business managers are always looking at ways to improve performance. Having a robust CX strategy in place means that your business can become more customer centric and realise many benefits.

Here is a look at some key ones:

Greater customer acquisition

Companies are leveraging their online media presence more and more to build and instill consumer trust and to build confidence. Social media and other online channels play a key role in customer acquisition. Building long term relationships with customers can often lead to greater word of mouth recommendations.

Improved levels of customer engagement

More often or not, consumers trust businesses they already know. Encouraging more interactions and building beneficial relationships is a key objective for many businesses.

Companies are devising referral schemes and reaching out to their customer base with value-add propositions. They are harnessing emails and social media to get more feedback.

Interactions such as these help to create environments where consumers are willing to share their needs with companies. In turn, this feedback helps to improve products and services.

Reduced cost of marketing resources

A customer centric approach helps companies to understand their customers better. It reduces the amount of guesswork relating to customer needs which can in turn reduce the amount of cost associated with activities such as market research.

Traditional marketing relies on calling the consumer to add new services without having any real clue as to their requirements. A CX-centric approach allows for built-in checkpoints helping to ensure alignment of the business towards the customer.

Boost employee confidence

When customers praise your business, it also boosts employee morale. Normally business confidence grows over a period of time. A study conducted by Temkin Group highlighted that companies that excel at CX have “1.5 times as many engaged employees”.

CX makes employees better equipped and motivated to interact with customers providing them with a positive experience.

Final thoughts

Without an effective CX strategy businesses will find it increasingly difficult to attract more customers to their physical stores or to their websites. By providing great customer experiences, you can increase revenue without having to rely too heavily on new customer acquisition. They will be likely to spend more money with you and refer your services to other businesses. A good CX strategy is vital for sustained business growth.

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