Government funding for Clarity Software

Did you know, the UK Government is offering funding to help companies grow! Find out how to get funding for the most powerful estimating and quoting software on the market. 

It has been an incredibly challenging couple of years for businesses of all shapes and sizes. 

From the COVID-19 pandemic to rising inflation rates and Brexit, business owners and C-Suite executives have had to remain agile and adapt. 

Now, we’re seeing CEOs, MDs and owners put recovery frameworks in place. Some of these plans include integrating

Business management software

that will help streamline processes and increase profitability. Other propositions include implementing quoting and estimating software that will reduce lost business opportunities and strengthen new business pipelines. 

To ease the financial burden and make this achievable, there are a multitude of Government backed funding programmes to support companies of all sizes. There are several schemes available; eligibility is determined by the industry and type of company. 

Find out more on the Government’s Finance and Support

What schemes are available? 

There are several grants available including: 

Help To Grow

Launched January 2022, Help To Grow offers software discounts and tech support for entrepreneurs and small businesses. 

Companies may be eligible for discounts of up to £5,000 on approved Digital Accounting and Customer Relations Management (CRM) software (including Clarity Software). 

The aim of this scheme is to offer business owners impartial support and  boost their company’s digital skills. 

Better Business Finance 

Better Business Finance provides access to finance providers across the UK for businesses of all sizes. Find out more

Funding in specific regions 

There are several grants available in different regions across the UK. 

For example,  Digital Drive County Durham was launched in 2017 and offers funding for small to medium businesses looking to grow their customer base in the North East. 

Support includes:

  • Grants of up to 40% towards digital project costs and the following:

    • Digital consultancy

    • purchase of digital equipment, software and apps

    • building a website for those who don’t have one

    • broadband installation and associated equipment improvements

Another grant available is ALPHAS Project - South East Midlands. This scheme is for companies looking to grow, and started in August 2021. Funding covers consultancy, equipment or services grants for £1,000 - £3,000 and training. Find out more 

What could these grants cover? 

Depending on eligibility, these schemes may cover: 

  • The purchase of either Clarity Go or Clarity Pro 

  • Renting Clarity Go or Clarity Pro 

  • Training for Clarity Go or Clarity Pro 

What to consider

Funding varies across the country - there may be a grant available in one region, but not the other.

Owners, CEOs and MDs should think about what they need the money for and then find the right grant or scheme to help them.

A grant may cover a percentage of Clarity Software, or the full cost of the software. The funding may also cover training and support for Clarity Go and Clarity Pro.

If you’d like to discuss funding options to help you grow your business with Clarity Software, get in touch today.

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