How does Clarity Software support Lean Manufacturing?

When manufacturers overlook the amount of waste that comes from their processes, it can cost a significant amount of time, impact brand reputation and ultimately harm the bottom line. 

From inventory waste to defective products and even transportation waste, different types of waste during the manufacturing process result in high returns rates, causing significant delays due to inefficient processes and excess rework. 

Reducing material waste with Lean Manufacturing

One way manufacturers can reduce material waste is by adopting the Lean Manufacturing philosophy. Designed to maximise efficiency and productivity whilst reducing waste in every area of production, it looks at seven types of waste which are categorised as: 

  • Overproduction

  • Inventory 

  • Motion

  • Defect

  • Over-processing

  • Waiting 

  • Transport

Supporting Lean

Overproduction waste 

One of the biggest types of waste that has a knock on effect on all other areas of waste, overproduction results in a surplus of stock holding and inventory. 

This can lead to increased capital tied up in inventory, excess use of materials, and products being produced before they’re needed, resulting in further inventory. 

There are even instances where products become broken or obsolete, creating environmental issues and further waste. 

With Clarity Software’s Workflow and Production module, manufacturers can ensure their workflow and production processes are optimised to deliver the most effective and efficient results possible. 

Designed to fit the exact specifications of specific machinery types and production processes within the print and signage industry, manufacturers can ensure the correct amount of material and designs are produced each and every time. This reduces the likelihood of excess material being wasted, and mistakes made. 

And as manufacturers get clarity and increased visibility on the process, identifying excess spend and wasted resources is easy. As a result, managing work patterns, shifts and overtime becomes second nature. 

Inventory waste

Poor stock management, inefficient production processes, overproduction and transport needed to move inventory all lead to excess inventory waste. 

When manufacturers can effectively store and manage stock levels and materials, the risk of products being damaged during storage is reduced, and inventory levels are properly managed.  

Through Clarity Software’s Stock Control and Goods Handling Module, manufacturers will have complete transparency of all their stock levels and pipeline. This means they’ll know exactly what jobs require which materials, their stock levels, and when they can expect deliveries. 

Following the buy-to-supply rule, manufacturers can rest assured that they’re not sat on excess stock and remain safe in the knowledge they won’t run out of the materials that need to get the job done. 

And because Clarity Pro and Clarity Go can be accessed on a vast range of devices, team members will have visibility of goods in stock and their respective locations, reducing the likelihood of lost or misplaced materials.  

Motion waste 

Motion waste can have a direct impact on material waste, and refers to waste that comes from people, equipment and the production of parts that aren’t needed. 

Motion waste even covers the motion workers take when it comes to picking up excess materials and the wear and tear of machinery. In most instances, motion waste leads to capital depreciation and should be reduced. 

When manufacturers review their production process from start to finish, they’ll know how to operate more efficiently, therefore reducing waste and increasing productivity. 

With Clarity Software’s ERP, MRP and Nesting module, manufacturers can link up with stock control software and see when live jobs are scheduled for production. 

Link up with Stock Control software and see when live jobs are due into production. This means manufacturers can plan ahead with material requirements to get more jobs on the line and reduce downtime in production. 

Our smart nesting and material calculators know the exact amounts of material needed for each job, saving cost in materials, labour and production run time. Process jobs with precision while saving cost and improving customer delivery times, thanks to Clarity’s MRP system.

Reduce waste with Clarity Software 

For manufacturers looking to reduce material waste and make their production process more sustainable, implementing waste management is vital. 

Clarity Pro and Clarity Go can help manufacturers streamline processes, reduce rework and ultimately improve bottom line, through their intuitive modules that are tailored to specific processes within print and signage. 

Find out how Clarity Software can help you. Request a demo today.

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