How smart technology can save time and money

We’re all familiar with smart technology when it comes to phones, tablets and computers. But have you considered how it could help support your business practices? Aside from improved and easier communications, smart technology and an Internet of Things (IOT) approach can help you unlock potential in your business for enhanced efficiency, more effective processes and better resource management.

What is IOT and Smart Technology?

Simply put, IOT and smart technology are all about connectivity, communication and data collection. Smart technology can be used in all sorts of ways to collect data that is either time-consuming, difficult to record manually, or needs to be collected over a long period for impactful measurement. With more data at your fingertips, you can analyse and react to situations more effectively, helping streamline processes and improve business all round.

An IOT device might be something you fit onto a production line machine to measure the output, level of downtime, quality of production and use of materials. Whereas smart technology could be connected to that device to produce reports and live, real-time data, ideal for analysis. The two fields go hand-in-hand with helping businesses improve the way they operate – often leading to savings in time and money.

How integrated software solutions can help

Choosing to bring your business and production line up to speed with the latest in smart technology is a great way to help future-proof your operations. Fitting devices, investing in new technology and collecting and processing data are all great steps in the right direction, but without an integrated software solution, the data and insights aren’t able to deliver the best value for you.

An integrated software solution means that all of your business operations, from the production line to the boardroom, are connected. All staff members work from one central setup, improving communications, document version control, data protection, and aiding with remote or multi-site working. Process information from multiple inputs and store everything in one secure location for complete ease of access. Not only does an integrated software solution improve your consistency and consolidate your business processes, but with more time to spend on doing what your business does best, you’ll be able to save time and money, invest resource where it’s needed, and maximise your efficiency and profits.

Integrated software isn’t just about saving time and money – it’s about helping you find ways of becoming more efficient, streamlined and effective at your work. This is where the use of smart technology and IOT come together with software to produce a complete 360° view of your business performance. Discover new ways to optimise processes, learn from employee productivity patterns about how they can be better supported in their work, update reporting so it’s using the latest real-time data, and make more informed decisions about how to align your business goals and step into a new world driven by smart technology.

Clarity Software provides integrated software solutions to print production and manufacturing businesses who are looking to enhance their ways of working. Our complete software suite offers 17 features designed to help your business achieve efficiency and effectiveness in operational performance and profits. Choose from modules that suit your needs or opt for a complete package to deliver a range of solutions. Fully compatible with IOT devices and smart technology, Clarity Software supports businesses who want to harness the power of data to unlock their potential.

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