Is Your Print Business Making Common Mistakes That Could Be Holding You Back?

The arrival of 2024 brings many significant challenges for print businesses. Print is a highly competitive market, and with the rise of technology, increased demand for personalisation, environmental and sustainability expectations and much more, there's a lot for print businesses to consider and implement to remain successful. 

To face the challenges of 2024 head-on, it's critical that you cut waste, optimise workflows, and improve the accuracy of all quotes. Here are five common mistakes print businesses make and how to avoid them. 

Underestimating and Under-Pricing

It's easy to fall into the trap of undervaluing your services, and that's why you need to know and understand all your production costs on every project to provide accurate pricing.

Technology that allows everyone in the business to see production costs and then accurately provide a customer with an estimate or price based on this information is crucial to avoid underestimating and underpricing.

Relying on Paper Instead of Proper Systems

Print businesses can avoid inconsistency and inefficiency across departments by embracing digital systems. It is not easy to keep track of information, orders, and everything else if data is kept on paper rather than in an efficient digital way everyone can access.

In addition, human error can occur when relying solely on employees instead of technology, costing your business time and money.

Unfocused Marketing

Without a targeted strategy or proper analysis, marketing can waste resources and result in you not effectively targeting your ideal clients. Utilising marketing that tailors your messages and services to suit specific requirements increases the chances of attracting and retaining clients.

Chasing Invoices

Cash flow is crucial for all businesses, and delayed payments can hinder growth. Print businesses need an efficient invoicing system to streamline this process. A system like Clarity Software allows you to save time processing invoices and speed up payments with the ability to connect to estimating, quoting and job tracking.

Ignoring Customers

Customer satisfaction is critical, and that's why print businesses must be actively managing their customer relations and listening to feedback so that they know the areas they can improve upon. Effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that can help you communicate with clients, get feedback and track results is vital 

At Clarity Software, we understand these challenges and offer solutions to help streamline your print business. Clarity Software empowers you to:

-       Provide accurate quoting – ensure precision in pricing and quotes, avoiding underestimation

-       Optimised workflow – minimise errors and maximise efficiency

-       Targeted marketing tools – analyse your marketing results for focused campaigns

-       Efficient invoicing – simplify invoicing processes for faster payments

-       Enhanced customer relations – boost customer satisfaction with CRM

Don't let common mistakes hinder your print business's success in 2024. Let Clarity Software be your partner in overcoming challenges. We are the UK's number one print workflow solution, and you can choose from Clarity Go or Clarity Pro. To learn more about how Clarity can help your print business, email, call 0121 248 2448 or book a free, no-obligation discovery call by clicking here.

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