Large format printing - why is it growing?

Large format printing and advancements in digital technologies mean services are now easily affordable and quality is high

Large format printing used to be thought of as an expensive business because few businesses offered it and those that did were able to charge higher end prices for delivering services.

Historically large scale printing lacked the intricate details and colour schemes that are now available through current digital processes and new inks which help to create a more detailed and colourful appearance.

Traditional printers were limited in the size they could produce, whereas modern printing equipment is now more advanced, versatile, much quicker and cheaper to run.

More recently and largely due to the rise of the digital, large format is now more affordable, widely available and used by companies. A report by highlighted the increasing demand for large format printing in the textile, advertising and packaging industries.

What is large format print?

Large format printing relates to print items that are too big to be printed on the most readily available sizes of commercial printing presses. Also referred to as wide-format printing, they require using specialist production equipment that can allow for larger than normal print dimensions.

The print quality tends to be much better with higher quality image production making it a popular choice when it comes to promotion and advertising.

Product uses in large format printing

Large format suppliers often have more extensive product ranges than others. They can print out large format print jobs such as 5m long vinyl banners quickly and at a lower cost.

Examples of where large format print is used:

Roll up banners

Used as promotional items that can be set up at various locations such as retail centres, business premises, exhibitions and events venues.

Vinyl banners

Durable banners that can be up to 5 meters in length and can be hanged to promote a product giving greater brand awareness.

Signage and display

With large format printing bigger posters and signage displays can be produced relatively quickly and easily. The cost is normally cheaper and items such as these are often used to grab attention fast.

Adhesive vinyl graphics

Often produced on high definition to produce eye catching vinyl graphics that can be used for outside promotion such as hoardings, large windows and walls. Good way of creating big impact.

Final thoughts

The reason that large format works so well for printing can be related to a number of reasons but the main one would be simply because it is large in size. More and more businesses are now benefitting from its many benefits. Large format signage and print does really attract attention and is a great way for businesses to engage consumers and create an awareness of their brand in a visually appealing and engaging manner that has instant impact.

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