Quoting and estimating automation – 5 key benefits

Quoting and estimating automation provides a fully electronic version of your customer’s intent to buy

Quoting and estimating automation for business has the ability to reduce costs and generate higher sales. Too often enterprises tend to focus on service at the expense of profit-building.

Quoting related to materials and time can often be manually intensive and complex. For example, businesses operating across the construction industry often need to oversee large projects and keep track of all the moving parts. Estimates and quotes would often need to be changed.

Implementation of an automated quoting process in this instance makes it easier to create, manage and turn quotes into working orders. Software enables fields and prompts that collect data relating to parts, materials, timescale needed and all associated costs make it easy to change the actual quote into work orders and more cash in the bank.

An automated quoting and estimating system can help to improve the order to cash process, save time and maximise ROI whilst avoiding any wastage.

Productivity increase

Manual quoting processes are out of date and mainly inefficient for conducting business today. Technology keeps increasing across the marketplace. This lack of efficiency costs every time a member of the business sales team sends out a quote to a potential customer.

The whole process of quoting which can include answering customer questions, emailing and gathering information, all of which can be very time intensive without automation.

Accurate information

Manual quoting is also much more prone to errors from the user. Utilising automation means that you can reduce, lost or missing quote requests, duplicate data, delays in customer responses and more importantly lost or incomplete sales opportunities.


With automation, communication can be improved both internally and also with customers.

People are just a few clicks away from accessing important data relating to the cash and fulfillment process for customers.

Customer satisfaction

Automating the quotation and estimating process when it is guided by customer input will benefit both the buyer and seller. Putting the customer first and making success outcomes the driving goal of your business is a winning formula. Any process that increases the level of communication and input from the customer is highly beneficial.


Lack of consistency can often be found when the quoting process is too long and unstructured. Automation provides a level of standardization across the board. Documentation can now have a professional look and feel and be more consistent in how they are used.

In today’s technology driven work environment, a professional quoting and estimating process is key to optimising your business order to cash process. Quote automation can make all the difference in minimizing risks, helping to reduce operational costs whilst generating higher business revenues and making the sales process more efficient.

Having a quotes that flow seamlessly into an order, will enable you to close more deals and get them onto your business books faster.

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