Signage trends for the future - 3 key points

Signage trends for the future see demand grow at a fast rate across industries

Signage trends for the future will continue to rise. As a powerful sales/communications channel, signage is becoming more popular than ever. Direct marketing has evolved to the point where it is no longer enough to promote quick messages to consumers, now it is more about telling a story or longer narrative that follows a certain journey.

Here are 3 key trends that will influence the business market for sign-makers:

1. Branding and marketing continue to be big

We have watched many of the large household names such as McDonalds and KFC go through large scale re-branding across all their marketing channels. Many other companies have gone through similar processes because of the increasing demand from consumers relating to product quality and healthy living.

Large brands continue to invest significant amounts of money to promote new campaigns and marketing initiatives. This means that competition to rebrand successfully and cement their market position remains high. Examples of this include implementing new signage and graphics that are both large and small as well as other promotional material in a big to capture the imagination of the all-important consumer.

2. Sustainability in signage manufacturing is a must

Historically more sustainable and green products such as large billboard signs and hoarding were just coming into the market. Even though many people looked at this as a positive trend, the higher costs associated with these types of products often meant that many businesses kept away.

Fast forward to present day and the thought of a business going green is no longer seen as a passing trend. Most consumers now expect sustainable products from businesses. In relation to signage, buyers now require solutions that are durable and have a low impact on the environment in relation to the materials that are used to build them.

A recent blog article published by Communicate discussed how many businesses such as Signs Express (Bath) are working to improve their operational impact on the environment and surrounding communities.

3. Digital signage continues to grow at a fast rate

The digital signage market is expected to be worth billions by 2023.  This largely because technology has made marketing campaigns more dynamic and visually appealing which results in greater consumer attraction and ultimately more business.

Increasing use of mobile technology such as apps means that digital signage now has the ability to reach and engage a wider consumer audience. Companies can now ensure they get the right message, to the right target demographic at the right time. Companies that have failed to embrace this change have seem themselves left behind.

As well as seeing greater adoption of signage technology across many industries, we can be sure to see lots of innovation and products across digital signage. As the world increasingly becomes more digital, it will be more vital for brands to interact with their customers more directly.

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