Struggling with Staff Shortages?

Did you know that 41% of print businesses can’t get the staff they need?

The demand for workers skilled in traditional and modern print methods currently outweighs the supply. Additionally, many print businesses struggle with staff retention and have high turnover levels as team members leave due to being overworked and not having enough support. 

When it Comes to Staff Shortages, Efficiency is Essential.

The Clarity Software team are good, but we can’t magic up new team members for you; however, we can optimise your workflow, giving you more time to focus on your print business.

Clarity Software will streamline your business operations, allowing you to: 

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Reduce manual work and optimise the time-consuming processes, such as quoting, invoicing and much more. We designed our software so you can quote and estimate accurately and enable fast, consistent pricing with set margins and costs so that no matter what request comes in, you have the knowledge to quote at your fingertips.

Maximise Productivity

Ensure your team can work efficiently with streamlined workflows that cut out unnecessary steps. Our end-to-end job-tracking software offers complete transparency over your production processes. It can help you increase your factory performance, win more jobs, learn how jobs are followed up, provide up-to-date information for customers, and set reminders for sales teams.

Resource Optimisation

Make the most of your workforce by allocating tasks effectively with Clarity Activities Software. Log calls and tag them to the contact, quickly pull up the previous conversations, see a history of quotes and orders, schedule callbacks, meetings, events, site surveys and much more in a shared calendar that pushes data to your Microsoft Outlook calendar, so you have a complete overview in a simple, effective system.  

Precision in Operations

Minimise errors and enhance the accuracy of your print jobs by no longer relying on paper to keep track of things. Clarity’s digital software can be accessed from anywhere at any time so that you can improve consistency, visibility, and profit in every area of your business.

With proofing, quote approvals, email chain tracking, job scheduling, production records, delivery calendars and much more all held in one place, you can track and follow every part of your business in detail: no more paper-chasing, no more lost leads, and improved customer satisfaction at every stage of the job.

Using these features and the many others that come with Clarity Software simplifies the operations of print businesses, thus improving efficiency and alleviating the burden on stressed employees, which helps with engagement, productivity, and retention.

Let Clarity Software help you overcome your staffing problems. With Clarity Software, your team can achieve high levels of productivity whilst providing excellent services, no matter how many team members you have.

Get a free, no-obligation demonstration of Clarity Pro or a free trial of Clarity Go by contacting our sales team. Call us at 0121 248 2448, email or book a free discovery call at a convenient time.

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