Supporting remote working: Document storage solutions

2020 showed us all that the future of the workplace was no longer confined to the office or factory. Now, in 2021, it looks likely that working from home, working remotely and across multiple locations will become the norm for many businesses. The new challenge is having the right systems in place to support this new way of operating, one that isn’t constrained by location or outdated technology.

Remote working has a huge range of benefits for many people: better work-life balance, no commute, flexibility to manage family commitments and the ability to work from anywhere. While many of us are currently on working-from-home duty, in future improved remote working means it will be possible to work without limitations.

Ensuring you have the right systems in place makes remote working as easy as coming to the office. The scramble to get servers and remote access set up and secured when the first UK lockdown was enacted in March 2020 showed that many businesses were not fully prepared for remote working as a full-time setup. In an age where we expect interconnectivity from our personal devices, why are workplaces so far behind in adopting solutions that allow access from anywhere? How can we help support them in providing better remote working solutions?

Successful Remote Working

A crucial part of any successful remote working setup is your document storage solution. No matter where people are working from, whether it’s at home, on-site, or a mixture of the two, they need to be able to access the information that helps them do their job.

Key documents such as invoice and quote templates, job specifications, customer information, supplier details, materials/stock levels and reports all need to be accessible to allow employees to do their jobs properly. Your system needs to be able to store all of these securely, allowing access to the right people in the business (particularly for HR documents or sensitive/protected data) wherever they are.

For consistency in communications, smooth business operations, and adhering to deadlines and payment terms, having a secure, fully accessible document storage system is essential. Keeping all the latest document versions in one central location with a remote access solution is the ideal way of maintaining operational efficiency no matter where your staff are. By converting systems into remote-access methods, you may even find ways of improving your processes or discover more efficient ways of working.

Security is a concern for many businesses, and rightly so when it comes to documents and data. Choose a document storage solution that can guarantee regular updates to security features, testing of both cloud and on-site capabilities, and one that works across multiple operating systems to the highest level of protection. Encourage staff to work from documents within the system to help prevent security breaches and maintain consistency.

Find a way of remote working that ties in with your business model and you’ll be able to set up a system that not only supports this but helps enhance your business practices. Allow staff the freedom to work from anywhere while still performing to the best of their abilities with an integrated, secure, document storage solution.

Remote working with Clarity

Clarity is proud to have supported many businesses with their remote working setups by providing secure online document storage solutions. Our MIS and Document Storage software has helped customers tackle the challenges of remote working head-on and come out successful. Clarity Software is designed to work with your business processes and staff, not the other way round, so you can rest assured our software will only enhance your operations and support staff effectively.

Clarity MIS solutions are designed with reliability, efficiency and security in mind. Our aim is to help businesses thrive and grow with software that adapts to their needs and helps them excel. We believe that businesses should be able to work in ways that suit them, whether that’s fully remote, a mixture of on and off-site, globally or locally. Choosing MIS and document storage software from Clarity means you’re not only choosing a great piece of software to help support your business with remote access – you’re also choosing a new level of security, working freedoms and document control.

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