Want to improve time management? The solution is job tracking Software

We all know the importance of making the most of our time, at home and at work. For businesses who operate in time-critical delivery, such as print, medical manufacturing, or construction, being able to meet more deadlines on time with minimal delay is essential for customers. Meeting more deadlines means you can take on more jobs and orders as your contingency times shrink and more space becomes available on the production line.

Achieving all this success is only possible through effective time management and job tracking software. Know exactly what stage jobs are at, where time is being spent excessively, where the bottlenecks in process are and resolve them for better all round efficiency in production and delivery.

Why Job Tracking Software?

Knowing exactly what stage a job is at is key to getting it delivered on time and to the right specification. Job tracking itself isn’t a new concept, but software that links job tracking to production performance, exact quote detail, and delivery information has been a revolution in recent years.

Previously, to move a job through the various stages, you would have to manually send information to the people or departments responsible. This hand-off process might be via email or internal connected systems, or it might be through paper files. Not having a consistent method of moving information between departments for the same job already causes problems with time management, as you’re having to check which version is correct.

You may also end up waiting for the information to come across if one section is particularly busy or short staffed that day, holding things up further along and creating delays.

Job tracking software and real time WIP updates means you can see exactly where things are in the production process thanks to visible, accessible software for all. If you can see something is stuck at a certain point or taking longer than expected, you can flag this within the software, or even pop over to see if they need a hand and to get an understanding of how your timelines are impacted.

Create a more collaborative and connected working environment by opening up the channels and letting people have real insight into how other departments work, with job tracking software.

Managing Time = Better Productivity

Many employees regularly cite having greater autonomy and independence to do their jobs and manage their own time as a key factor for enjoyment in their jobs. Optimising time management might previously have involved meetings, check ins, time stamps or more – a somewhat overbearing and time-consuming process.

Nowadays, with job tracking software and online WIPs, staff have complete control over their time and employers can see and manage processes effectively from a distance. Production staff control their work independently, while senior management can refine and improve things using feedback from the software and data from staff activity.

Time management doesn’t have to be hard. Using job tracking software with integrated solutions from Clarity means that not only does your time efficiency improve, but your production quality goes up. Staff are more motivated as they spend time doing their jobs and not admin, and it’s easy to continually improve how time is used in production thanks to real time feedback.

With connected job tracking software, you can get access to all the correct information in one place, including delivery date, installation instructions, item production detail and specification. Reduce the time spent paper chasing and funnel time and activity into efficiency for production, with effective time management.

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