What Can You Do To Reduce Your Carbon Production?

As the world grapples with the pressing issue of climate change, industries have come under public scrutiny for their environmental impact. The print industry, known for its resource-intensive processes, has faced criticism for its contribution to carbon emissions. This blog explores how print businesses can reduce carbon production while maintaining business success, with strategies ranging from carbon offsetting to technological and software solutions. 

The print industry has long been aware of the need to improve its environmental practices. For decades, many companies have been working to improve the energy efficiency of printers, source sustainable or recycled paper, develop eco-friendly inks and create products which are more durable or easier to recycle. However, the demand for eco-friendly products has grown significantly in recent years. Customers are now more inclined to choose sustainable options, prompting the print industry to adapt further so that print remains sustainable and prosperous in the long run.

Print companies must reduce their carbon production in every aspect of their business by sourcing sustainable raw materials, optimising resource use, minimising waste and improving the efficiency of production processes. These changes are essential for carbon neutrality, underpinning the UK's commitment to achieve Net Zero Carbon by 2050.


Small Steps for a Greener Future

The journey towards carbon neutrality begins with small, practical steps. A 'sustainability walkaround' is an effective way to identify areas for improved energy efficiency. Motivating staff and raising awareness among employees is also critical to achieving your sustainability goals.


Carbon Offset Schemes 

Planting trees is one of the most common methods to capture emitted carbon. Businesses can offset raw material and energy usage by participating in initiatives like the Tree Buddy scheme. Showing a commitment to the environment through partnership demonstrates your sustainable intentions.


Industry Environmental Standards

Many printing companies already source materials from organisations like the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which ensures paper comes from sustainably managed forests. FSC certification is vital for demonstrating a commitment to combating deforestation and managing carbon more effectively. Other certifications, such as Chain of Custody, PEFC and ISO 14001:2015, indicate dedication to reducing carbon emissions.


Schemes and Funding 

Various schemes are available to make workplaces more carbon efficient. These include government programs like the Workplace Charging and Cycle to Work schemes. Some businesses can also access loans and tax rebates to invest in renewable energy sources and energy-efficient equipment.


Software and Technology

Software and technologies are helping the print industry reduce its carbon impact. Smart technology, data collection and analysis tools enable businesses to optimise processes, improve energy efficiency, and make informed decisions about upgrading equipment.

Clarity's commitment to #CutCarbonWithClarity is driving change in the print industry. Our software supports businesses in reducing their carbon emissions by streamlining processes, conserving resources and enhancing operational efficiency. Clarity Software offers a comprehensive way to monitor and manage carbon emissions while delivering quality products and services.


A Sustainable Future for Printing

The print industry is at a turning point: with Clarity's support and a growing commitment to sustainability, we are witnessing the transformation of a resource-intensive sector into an environmentally responsible and profitable one.

As consumer awareness about environmental impact grows, businesses prioritising sustainability will thrive. Clarity Software stands at the forefront, empowering the print industry to reduce carbon production and pave the way for a greener future. 

Reducing carbon production is not only a responsible choice but can also lead to cost savings and increased competitiveness! For more information about how Clarity Software can help you to reduce carbon production, visit our website.

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