Who Are Clarity? Our History, Mission, and Values 

2020 was a year of change here at Clarity. We took the step to rebrand and realign ourselves with an approach that represented who we are as a company now. Rebranding is never easy and requires a lot of reflection and decision making. Naturally, it got us thinking about where we came from, and how we got to where we are today as leading providers of MIS, CRM and Sales software.

Where did it all begin?

In 2001, Richard Gamlin founded Clarity Software. Even in 2001, Richard already had 12 years of experience running and working for software companies to help businesses realise the power of automation and online benefits. An early adopter who recognised the power that software had to change our ways of working for greater efficiency and productivity, Richard wanted to help more companies access that. He remains the Managing Director of Clarity to this day and has helped steer the company towards success and excellence in the sector.

The first version of Clarity Software was released in 2002. A basic model compared to what we have now, the software was still a success and helped Clarity start winning our first big clients throughout 2002 and 2003. Our original developer Toby Groves, who created the first version, is also still with us today continuing to help develop and refine Clarity Software.

What does Clarity stand for?

Our mission at Clarity is:

To add quality through technology, innovation and design.

We are in a process of continual improvement and development of our software packages so we are always offering the very best solutions to our customers. We believe that business management software should help users increase their productivity and improve workflow management.

Using principles of UX and UI as well as our own experience of working in the sectors, Clarity Software is designed to fit into a business’s way of working, not the other way around. Our adaptive, modular approach to software means that Clarity can be customised to how your processes and workflows operate.

We help businesses reach their maximum potential in productivity, efficiency, and profitability. Our software solutions are designed to improve workflow processes, increase sales lead conversions, track and monitor production and support a more efficient way of operating. It’s this attitude that allows us to support so many customers across a range of industries. By applying principles that all businesses benefit from, Clarity Software delivers exactly what’s needed to ensure success in the long term.

Where are we now?

20 years on from our founding, Clarity is proud to have over 800 customers and over 4500 daily users. We support productivity and workflow optimisation across print, signage, construction and manufacturing sectors. With our rebranding in 2020, we feel more ready than ever to take on the challenges that the future may bring and keep helping our customers do what they do best.

We’re helping support businesses as they adapt to more remote working methods through our MIS Document Storage system, and through centrally located and secured CRM databases. Clarity continues to push the boundaries of business management software and we are proud to support companies of all shapes, sizes and sectors in achieving their full potential.

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