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Customer Relationship Management software for accuracy, communication and tracking

Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software has been developed to follow best practice procedures and communication strategy tactics to help you talk to your customers in a way that works best for your business. Our full-service software comes complete with multiple features, benefits and data assistance to ensure you have the best tools available when it comes to looking after your customers.

We understand that you want your team to be maximising opportunities, talking to customers and never missing a beat when building those all-important customer relationships. Clarity CRM Software is here to help you achieve this.

We help your team by providing a clear and complete database of customer information that’s easy to update and access. No more missed opportunities, lost contact data or out of date information – our CRM software ensures that everything is held in one place for complete control and customer activity tracking, helping you stay in touch with your customers and keep business flowing.

It’s simple – it’s managing customers with Clarity.

Why choose Clarity CRM software?

Get what you need to improve customer relationships and develop business opportunities.

Complete Customer Visibility

Find out everything you need to know about a customer in one place. Clarity’s CRM Software stores data on everything from addresses and contact information through to ordering frequency and total spend. Learn all the essential information about your customer from a secure all-in-one software database.

Track activity at every stage

Customers, whether they’re new or existing, go through a process each time a new contact is made. Whether they’re ringing up to discuss a six-figure project, or just need to order some replacements and parts, you need to be on top of what’s happening and make sure everything is followed up. With our activity tracker built into Clarity CRM Software, you can check on activity status at any stage - from when you last contacted them to their current order status.

Database accuracy

A database is only as good as its data, which is to say that you need to have accurate information in order to get the most out from it. Our best CRM software helps avoid human error like spelling errors and misplaced decimal points. With the ability to be cleaned and updated regularly with ease, you can keep your database and communications accurate and on top form at all times.

Maximise profitability

Measure your profitability with accurate percentages and understand exactly what clients are spending, what they order, what you could do to improve their buying experience, and how quickly a sale is made from initial contact. Track turnover and unpaid or late invoices to see who is proving most profitable to your business, and why.

Find out how it works

Yes. You can build as many dynamic segregated lists as you want. In Contacts : Contact Lists, you can create folders containing lists. These can be used in Activities or can be exported to your preferred email software such as MailChimp, SendGrid or HubSpot. Clarity Marketing software module interacts directly with your contact lists.

A list is created by simply setting up filters against the fields in your database. This builds a subset of your data. As an example of how this works; You can build a list using one or multiple fields, with inclusion and exclusion settings. You might want to build a list of everyone in your local County, who have been added to your database in the last 2 years, who are male and interested in sport. To do this you need to add data to a couple of bespoke User Fields (unlimited), configure the list parameters and hey presto! As you add data to your database that match the list criteria, these will be added to the list.

This means that you don’t have to keep building lists as the contacts that match the criteria are always in your lists. Lists can also be used as targeted telesales lists. View the list and add all the call Notes in Activities, with call back reminders if required.

Clean data is very important. There is nothing worse than receiving marketing materials (or quotes) with your personal information spelt incorrectly or badly formatted. This is ordinarily a daunting and time-consuming task. Use Clarity’s clever bulk cleansing tool to cleanse and keep your data in perfect condition.