Manage prices and job costs effectively from one location with Clarity Price Management Software.

Automatic price updates across the entire software system

Generate customer and supplier specific pricing with template features.

Adjust prices with accuracy to visualise the financial impact in data.

Combine costs for materials, labour, parts and assembly.

Complete control of all customer and supplier price lists

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Automated price updates, cost calculators and segmented lists mean you’ll never have an inaccurate cost again

Clarity Price Management software has been designed to make sure that out of date pricing and inaccurate costs are a thing of the past. By centralising all of your price lists and third-party costs, you can produce accurate costs that are always maintained and up-to-date.

With the ability to adjust pricing quickly to reflect changes, you can visualise the financial data and get a better view of how your business is impacted by price changes – including setting pricing to help grow and scale your business. Automatic price updates are rolled out throughout the entire system, so there’s no need to circulate documents update spreadsheets and double-check everyone is using the most recent versions.

Set customer and supplier-specific pricing so you can adjust and compare prices with accuracy to understand the bottom-line impact on your business. Being able to set these kinds of templates and parameters means you’ll avoid missed costs or fees, allowing everyone in your business to focus on turning over more profit and reducing errors.

It’s simple – it’s price management with Clarity.

Why Choose Clarity Price Management Software?

Never send inaccurate costs again and discover price management software that works to help build your business and generate fair cost profits.

Consistent and up-to-date pricing

Automatically update all your price lists as needed from one central database. All staff have access to the right costs for quoting and third party invoices, allowing for total accuracy and fair pricing for customers and suppliers.

Manage supplier and third party costs from one place

Store all supplier and third party price lists with Clarity Price Management Software. No matter what size of job you’re costing for, you can access up-to-date pricing in one place. This also includes storing prices for materials, labour, assemblies and parts so you can produce a fully comprehensive price list or bill at the end of each job.

Grow and scale your business and overall profit

Help your business profit grow by using our price management software solutions. With an all-in-one database, you can adjust prices with accuracy and get data to visualise financial impact and growth. With centralised cost and price tracking, there’s no more missed costs, no more out-of-date prices and better calculations for materials and labour to ensure accuracy.

Generate customer and supplier-specific pricing

Negotiated a trade rate with a supplier, or have a long term loyalty agreement with a customer? Maintain correct pricing and costs by generating customer or supplier-specific pricing with our template and parameter features. Make sure everyone gets a fair price at the rate agreed and prove your business is reliable and trustworthy when it comes to maintaining negotiated specific pricing rates.

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Each part can be set up with Supplier Cost matrix and separate Customer Pricing matrix.

As many as you like. Clarity does not limit the size of your parts price list. Use price lists to add everything, labour costs, machine costs, fixed costs, variable costs based on quantity, time, size (length, area, volume) and loads more parameters. It is also possible to add your own pricing parameters specific to what you sell and how you sell it.

Yes. Cost prices can vary depending on volume purchasing. You may buy a large pack or pallet from one supplier then supply to your customers in smaller units. Another supplier may supply in units. The costs, delivery costs and times are likely to vary. It can sometimes be very important that these exact volume costs are known when quoting particular customers or large jobs where margins can be under pressure. Clarity gives you a competitive edge by having accurate information to judge whether the profit gained from an order is worth supplying.