Clarity Pro






“The Clarity Software CRM system enables us to analyse our sales performance, provide traceable data to support our ISO 9001:2015 quality management system and compile market sector specific campaigns all working from a maintained accurate customer and supplier database.”

Duncan Wolley Managing Director

Company Background

Yarl Hydracentre is a company of Fluid Power Engineers specialising providing customers with innovative products and services focussed around hydraulic and pneumatic engineering technology and components.

Yarl Hydracentre has an extremely diverse supply chain and customer base supporting businesses ranging from dental practices to nuclear engineering facilities.

Company issues

Yarl Hydracentre required a Customer Relationship Management system capable of maintaining and improving communications with customers, suppliers and industry bodies but also capable of integrating with current operational management systems.
These were based around the SAGE accountancy package used to manage sales orders, purchase orders, invoicing and management accounts.

Proposed solution

Clarity offered a full integrated operational package providing improved integration of sales, purchasing, invoicing system all based around a common database providing simple efficient referencing between sales, purchases, goods receipts and invoicing.

This has significantly improved administration efficiency, provided more accurate data to customers and enabled anyone to simply trace an order through to its supporting material purchase.

Ongoing support

Clarity continues to support Yarl Hydracentre and helps them to push their business to the next level with updates and new features.