Estimating and Quoting

Streamline your estimating and quoting, Improve productivity

With Clarity, as soon as you receive an enquiry you can quickly estimate the whole job from start to finish, factoring in every stage of the process and all associated costs. And by pre-defining your margins within the system, you can guarantee profits every time.

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"With Clarity you can generate accurate quotes and estimates instantly. Streamline your process workflow with automation and avoid wasting time by collecting cash quicker from business orders."

Estimating and Quoting Features

'Make sure you are selling at the right margins

Choose materials and labour costs from price lists customised for your business, or use an advanced calc wizard which can even take machine speed, wastage and workshop overheads into consideration

Convert quotes into jobs faster

Automatically schedule job production and track progress. Add jobs to your workflow the second a quote is confirmed. Increase your conversion rates faster

Generate professional quotes instantly

Generate professional quote and invoice templates instantly. Boost your brand documents. Save product orders as templates for faster estimating

Win more business and increase profits

Estimate whole jobs from start to finish with faster, accurate quoting processes. Win more business, increase profits


Each Quote (job) has a unique reference. A job progresses from Enquiry, Estimate / Quote, Confirmed Order, Delivery stages, Invoicing and collecting the money. Once a job is created, these are easy click through stages. It also accounts for exactly who did what during the quotation process as many colleagues may end up dealing with the client and amend the job on its route to completion. During Estimating / Quoting a customer may change their mind, refine their requirements or you may make optional offers. These are all handled by Job Revisions. These are uniquely numbered. It is also possible to easily pull back a historic job or job item from the database and copy these to new jobs for different clients. This saves huge amounts of think time and speeds up the quoting process with accuracy as you learn from what happened last time taking this into account in the new job

With accurate costs in your price list and an easy way to add quantities of everything on to a job, the margin for each item and the whole job is known.

Clarity has a two-way link to the most popular Accounts systems. Through this seamless link it is easy to send invoices to your accounts system, check off who has paid and see at the time of quoting who is owing money within credit limit and who is over. It is possible to set a block on supply so that no-one in your business continues to take orders from bad payers.

Clarity’s give you a distinct edge over your competition. Having accurately defined costs in your price lists and an easy way of deciding the quantity’s of all of the materials, labour, machining, delivery costs Clarity tells you the expected profit on each line item of a job and the total for the entire job. Very complex calculations where material yield and wastage calculations are required usually need expert knowledge. Clarity can assist with these calculations and make sure all options are considered and nothing is forgotten. Specific estimating Calc Wizards* allow guide users to define very accurate pricing including material yield calculations which give you quantity supply calculations for any size and process including finishing and delivery. It takes seconds to configure the customers needs in a Calc Wizard. Once set you can see how the price for 1 off or any qty can vary hugely, showing you the exact margin, which can be set following price negotiations. *Extra module – Clarity Pro Premium and Enterprise

At the time of quoting it is important to know what materials are available and what can be used to supply. Clarity’s stock system keeps account of full and part used items. These could be offcuts or amount left on a roll of material that you don’t want to unravel to check the available length. The stock system is extricably linked to Purchasing* where stock replenishment may be needed or the item may be on order awaiting Goods In *extra module in Pro and Go


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