How it works?

Integrating your Clarity Go account with Hubspot allows you to post a selective list of contacts from Clarity Go straight into the Hubspot for marketing purposes.

  1. Send contacts from Clarity Go Contact Lists to Hubspot

  2. Send emails from Hubspot

  3. Automated marketing and contact lists

  4. Track user activity

Sending emails from Hubspot to your list

Simply import your contacts from Hubspot into Clarity to keep your data all in one secure place. Turn opportunities into sales.

Help Guide

To authorise your Clarity Go account integration with Hubspot, you’ll need to follow the steps outlined below:

  • Sign into Clarity Go

  • Click on your name in the top right corner of the application

  • Click on 'Integrations'

  • On the Hubspot Panel, click Connect. This will re-direct you to the Hubspot login page where you must enter your credentials. This will then establish the connection successfully and take you back to Clarity Go.

To post a contact list to Hubspot:

  • Navigate to your contact lists

  • Select the action menu on the right of the contact list and select 'Post to Hubspot'.

  • Select the Hubspot fields you would like to send the Clarity Go data to.

  • Click on post.

  • Clarity Go will then start processing your contact list into Hubspot.

  • You will be notified when processing has completed.