How it works?

Integrating your Clarity Go account with Mailchimp allows you to post a selective list of contacts from Clarity Go straight into the Mailchimp for email marketing purposes.

This is a two-stage process:

  1. Send contacts from Clarity Go Contact Lists to Mailchimp

  2. Send emails from Mailchimp

Send a targeted list of contacts from Clarity Go to Mailchimp

Clarity Go only sends contacts with Valid email addresses that are Opted-In

  • If the email address is Invalid or Opted-Out the contact does not get sent to Mailchimp

Sending emails from Mailchimp to your list

As Mailchimp sends it updates Clarity Go with a success or fail flag as sometimes recipient email address don't exist or the recipient email server has completely blocked delivery.

This enables the ability to further cleanse or delete contact data held in Clarity Go.

We do this for marketing accuracy as it is well proven that the more accurate your contact data, the higher your marketing success rate and greater the ROI.