Charity work helping to make a positive difference

Charity work carried out by Clarity Software’s Deena Magdani and her team of volunteers is helping to improve the lives of the less fortunate around the world

Charity organisation Centre for Conscious Awareness (CCA) have wholeheartedly applied themselves to a variety of different projects across the world, from running eye clinics and medical camps for people who might have difficulty accessing medical facilities to planting trees and raising self-awareness.

The CCA is dedicated to promoting physical and emotional well-being through festivals, cultural activities, educational discourse and meditative practice.

Deena Magdani, Accounts Administrator for Clarity Software is an active member of the CCA and regularly works to support their various initiatives. She recently embarked on a trip to India to get involved with a local project there.

Her trip involved a visit to her adopted school at Gumachanahalli village, Mysore where her and the team distributed stationery items, sports equipment, school uniforms and BPA-free water bottles to the people there.

Any donations received by the CCA are used to support various worldwide projects through their network of volunteers.

Deena commented;

“Volunteering is one of the most rewarding things people can do, it provides a sense of purpose in life.

I like to promote positive feelings, such as optimism and joy. I like doing things for others which provide a natural sense of accomplishment and satisfaction”.

The CCA have an ambitious future plan to continue running frequent events for more people and look forward to sharing more good news.

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CCA charity work Deena (pictured last on right) and a team of volunteers fundraising at London Olympia Vegfest Vegan Festival. Funds are raised through donations and activities such as attending events or shows. Here in the UK the group often sells a selection of food at vegan festivals and cultural shows.

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