Development team continue to drive innovation

Development teams at Clarity Software working on new releases

Development team members at Clarity Software have been busy working to build lots of new and exciting features.

The development team as a whole have recently been reviewing their working processes and current infrastructure to ensure they remain at the forefront of quality. This approach will help to further improve the user experience of Clarity Software by making it more efficient and seamless to use. The work will provide the foundations for a new and improved Clarity in the coming years.

Grace Davis, Clarity Software Head of Development commented;

“The team have been working very hard over the last couple of months to complete some big legacy projects (price lists, equipment hire) out of the door, to clear the decks for some new and exciting developments – which we will be able to communicate soon”.

In the near future, the development team will also be engaging Clarity Software users through a series of workshops to gather requirements for future product enhancements. It is a busy but exciting time for the Clarity Software teams at the moment, so be sure to watch this space for further updates.

Clarity Software development The development team have been busy working on a set of new releases that will further improve and enhance the Clarity Software product offering.

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