Solar PV efficiency success at Clarity Software HQ

Solar PV technology halves electricity bill and helps to reduce carbon footprint

Solar PV (Photovoltaic) is technology that converts sunlight (solar radiation) into direct current electricity. Many businesses are now turning to more energy efficient schemes such as these in a bid to lower energy costs and to be more environmentally friendly.

Clarity Software approached experts Geo Green Power to understand what the latest renewable energy system could do for them and discovered that they could more than halve their electricity bills. When combined with their existing PV system this saves around 10 tonnes of CO2 every year.

As a forward-thinking leading technology provider, Clarity Software are dedicated to reducing their carbon emissions and making the business more sustainable. They decided to proceed with a 13.2KW roof mounted solar PV system which generates around 11,190KWh of carbon free electricity every year.

The installation was completed and commissioned within two days, and over the next 30 years will save on electricity costs and generate an income of around £72,000.

Managing Director for Clarity Software Richard Gamlin stated:

“Completing our solar project gives us a great feeling of satisfaction as we are mostly carbon neutral and on sunny days even send electricity back to the grid. In addition, our yearly electricity bills have more than halved. We have just bought our first electric car so we are having electric charging points fitted that work off the solar, which means mostly free mileage costs”.

Clarity Software have implemented a Solar PV system at their office HQ in Solihull.

Clarity Software are committed to becoming a more energy efficient business and have recently installed a Solar PV system a their head office in Solihull.

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