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Clarity case studies
Clarity case studies
Clarity case studies
Clarity case studies
Clarity case studies
Clarity Go in your pocket

Track delivery in real time, monitor installations and measure time spent for efficiency, as well as retaining a complete digital record.

As we do less business face-to-face, it’s more important than ever to ensure that all details, notes and jobs are completed with accuracy and integrity by all parties involved. Choosing a Proof of Delivery software or app can help protect you and your customers, while maintaining up-to-date records and complete traceability.

  • Use digital e-sign or app signature features, plus photographs, for proof of delivery and installation.
  • Complete delivery notes using information from the approved job for 100% accuracy.
  • Raise and send invoices quicker, thanks to immediate digital proof of completion.
  • Track deliveries in real time - perfect for time critical jobs or for improved efficiency management.
  • Cut down on admin and paperwork with one centralised app, accessible to all staff.
  • Maximise the time you have for calendar and time slots with delivery management software features.

It’s simple - it’s managing proof of delivery with Clarity

Prove delivery and speed up payments

Speed up payment rates when raising invoices for your completed jobs. Easily capture proof of delivery signature and photos taken on site. Get paid faster

Track deliveries in real time

Track actual time spent on each job your delivery driver – or third-party courier – can easily record time spent by tapping ‘start’ and ‘complete’ within the app. This is the final step in ensuring the details associated with each job are reported as accurately as possible.

Go paperless with digital proof of delivery

Guarantee customer satisfaction, with full traceability for each job. Go paperless and store all delivery notes digitally. Reduce hours in manual admin time

Manage your delivery schedule with ease

Streamline your workflow by accessing information regarding runs, stops and assets for your back office team


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