5 Key Tactics to Nurture Cold Leads

For your business to succeed, you need to generate consistent sales. Those sales come from leads.

Cold leads are people who have not shown any interest in your business yet. They need information about what you can offer so that they can make a decision about buying from you.

To generate quality leads and ultimately increase your sales, it’s important to make lead nurturing a part of your sales process. Research has found that companies able to excel in lead nurturing can generate as much as 50% of their sales from cold leads.

Here are five key tactics centred around how to nurture cold leads:

1. Plan to Follow Up - And Then Follow Up

A good sales strategy puts the right processes in place to optimise the chances of success. Nurturing leads is no different.

Following up with a sales lead is a clear indicator that you value them as a customer. It emphasises your appreciation of their time and business, and slows that would like to continue communication with them.

Putting a plan in place to follow up is a way of ensuring you do not forget to contact the lead - and that you’re doing so at the right time. Setting an activity reminder helps maintain follow up conversations with your leads so that you don’t miss out on potential opportunities.

After every call you’ve logged or email sent, set a clear next step and corresponding timeline.

2. Share Necessary Information Internally

If everyone on your team is on the same page with the process of nurturing leads, it makes the overall system more efficient and effective. Having a centralised information database means you won’t run the risk of overloading a potential customer with communication from numerous people in the team. WithCRM software for sales and marketing, your team will have shared access to any prior information the customer has received, and what might still need to be communicated in follow up emails or calls.

3. Align Sales and Marketing Efforts

Unified sales and marketing teams operate with the same clear, focused goals. 

If sales are the key objective, both teams should be working together to convert cold leads into customers. This means investing in marketing software (which includes estimating software and quoting software) to streamline the system between departments. By making sure that the sales and marketing teams are not working in silos, the chances of lost leads are minimised.

4. Personalise Communication

According to research, lead nurturing emails get up to 10 times the response rate compared to mass email blasts. This is because lead nurturing can be tailored to the customer.

People are more likely to reply to emails if you use personalisation and direct communication. This might take more time and effort than generic cold emails but it immediately places value on the customer, which can be an important building block for a long-standing customer relationship. 

5. Stay Top of Mind (Without Spamming Your Lead) 

Lead nurturing can convert up to 20% of customers who are not “ready to purchase”.

Sending emails to your customer more than once means you can remain in their inbox - and top of mind. If possible, varying the communication channels (such as calls, texts or emails) can change how your customer experiences your business and help guide them down the path to conversion.

To avoid aggressively following up on a lead, consider the average time it might take to convert a customer in your business. For example, if lead generation is a month-long process, sending communication on a daily basis may be overwhelming and cause them to opt out. Look at your lead generation period and aim to find the middle ground between over-communicating and losing their attention.

Nurturing Cold Leads With Clarity Software

Make the process of converting cold leads as efficient as possible with Clarity Go or Clarity Pro. The sales and marketing software allows you to streamline communication between your teams, with features for internal communication, daily management software and sales tracking. 

Speak to Clarity Softwareand let us help you nurture your cold leads.

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