Understand how your Marketing Activity is working to benefit your business, with insights from Clarity Software

When it comes to understanding your marketing activity, we understand that you want to have the best marketing software. Get the inside knowledge you need to target your marketing activity effectively, maximise your ROI and turn leads and opportunities into new business.

It’s simple – it’s marketing with Clarity.

Why use Clarity Sales and Marketing Software?

Track return on investment and marketing spend

Know exactly how your marketing budget is being spent and where it’s generating the right results and ROI. Sharpen your marketing spend and target the right audiences and areas with the best marketing software for small business.

Analyse campaigns for lead generation and opportunities

Learn where your leads are coming from, what campaigns or offers are driving them towards your business, and make the most of the data and insight gathered with specific targeted activity and communications.

Connect with external communications software for more insight

Synchronise your Marketing Activity Software with external communications platforms such as MailChimp. Analyse how email marketing software and communications are performing and how this is reflected in leads, opportunities and new business.

Produce marketing activity reports

Generate detailed reports that break down your marketing budget spend to help you understand where spend has been effective, what campaigns have driven leads and where you can improve in targeting activity or customers.


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