Cutting carbon and lowering emissions using Clarity Software

How using Clarity can help your business cut carbon, lower emissions and prepare for a cleaner future

We all want to help fight against climate change, but knowing where to start making a difference when it comes to your business operations isn’t always easy. There are so many factors to consider: upfront investments and ROI time, impact on productivity, and measuring the effectiveness of new methods. Fortunately, helping your business reduce carbon emissions and prepare for a cleaner future is something Clarity has plenty of experience in helping our customers with.

Efficient working

One of the easiest ways to help reduce your carbon emissions is to work more efficiently. This is something most businesses are keen to do anyway, so it’s a win-win scenario for everyone. You get a better way of working and the added bonus of lower energy bills and carbon emissions as a result.

Working more efficiently can start with something as simple as looking at how your processes operate. Ask yourself some questions and take a critical look at your ways of working such as:

  • Are machines such as computers, printers, and conference video equipment left on standby or turned off?

  • When waiting for orders to be processed, are machines idling?

  • Are you getting the most from your materials, including offcuts or scrap?

  • What kinds of business vehicles do you use? Are they fuel-efficient/hybrid/electric?

  • Are there any meetings or site visits that could be phone video calls?

  • Are your heating and cooling systems efficiently managing temperature or unchecked?

Even small changes like ensuring all machines are switched off can add up to big energy savings over a year. All it takes is a mindset shift for staff to be aware of their responsibilities. Simple signposts reminding staff to switch off all equipment before closing up for the day are easy reminders that don’t intrude on a working day.

How software solutions can help

While these kinds of changes are easy to implement, another great way of streamlining your business to be more efficient (in terms of energy, time and money) is to look at how orders are processed, planned and delivered. When your business is working more effectively, you’ll often find that emissions and energy use naturally drops as you maximise what you have available.

This is where choosing a business software solution can help you implement these changes to become more efficient. A central software location allows you to manage:

  • Materials and stock. Never over-order stock again or have to waste materials ordered in error. Nesting software helps you make the most of end-of-roll and offcuts.

  • Delivery and installation. Send the right order with all parts out to be fitted on location first time, reducing the need for revisits or shipping of replacements.

  • Customer communications. No more unnecessary trips to site or meetings that can be resolved through an improved CRM database. Reduce paperwork and move contracts online for complete visibility.

  • Job tracking and workflow optimisation. Ensure people are working to the best of their ability, improving productivity and getting jobs through production with minimal downtime.

By improving on these key parts of your business operations, not only will you see an improvement in your energy use, but you’ll also see how it’s possible to run a smart, emission friendly business that turns a greater profit. Clarity Software has helped customers across a range of industries including print, signage, construction, engineering and manufacturing to achieve greater efficiency and improved productivity in their working. As a result, their emissions and energy consumption dropped without compromising on their delivery or turnover.

Become a more efficient, effective business by reducing emissions and improving productivity – what are you waiting for?

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