Free Download: Sales Pipeline Template for Excel

Knowing your sales pipeline inside out is a vital part of achieving long term, profitable success as a business. Refining and improving the process is also essential, and is done best through insights into sales and data from supporting reports.

However, not all businesses are set up to gather this data or conduct continual improvement and refinement of the sales process.

Clarity, as experts in supporting business sales pipelines and SME finance teams, found that when speaking to customers about how they manage their sales pipeline, there was no united way of doing it. Some of our customers used a mixture of:

  • Online software planning tools – such as Trello, PipeDrive,

  • Physical notes such as whiteboards and notebooks

  • Legacy or non-centralised spreadsheets that lack flexibility/visibility

  • Memory, emails or phone calls with no paper trails

While many of these methods were delivering reasonable results, all customers reported that there was a lack of visibility for the overall sales pipeline. The disunited methods and scattered data meant analysing the sales process was limited – finding out what was working or what wasn’t became impossible.

Identifying what’s happening in your sales pipeline, both good and bad, is important to ensure you are supporting and developing your sales staff and customer relationships in the right way. So how can you consolidate these multiple sales tracking methods into one easy to use format that everyone can use?

Clarity is offering you a free sales pipeline template sheet for Excel and Google Sheets. Our experts got their heads together and decided it was time to share what they knew with the world at zero cost.

The free sales pipeline template is fully editable to fit your business needs, includes clear instructions for how to use it (and more importantly, how to get the most out of it). This template allows you to get quick visibility of who is closing deals and understand the conversion rates at each stage of the process. It’s easy to start getting the visibility you need to improve your sales pipeline today.

Using Excel, you not only create a sales pipeline function that people are happy to use, but it also requires no additional training time. Most sales teams will already be using Excel sheets or similar to track their process – Clarity’s just brings everything together in one place. Make analysing data, creating reports with accuracy and tracking each stage of the pipeline simple, clear and easy.

Thanks to Microsoft Teams and Google Drive functions, you can add users to create a single, central sales pipeline sheet. No need to manage multiple versions or users, just enable permissions and away you go. You can even track users in the sheet to double-check data entry or follow up on areas of the pipeline that might need a little more attention.

Clarity’s free sales pipeline template sheet is available right now. Click on the link below to access your free version and start simplifying your sales pipeline today.

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