Transform your sales and management process with our tracking software, designed with sales teams and customer needs in mind.

Learn how you can better manage the sales process from initial enquiry to delivered product – and never miss a chance to follow up, with automatic reminders and responsive quotes. Maximise your sales and opportunities and gain detailed insight into how to make a sales tracking system work for you. 

It’s simple – it’s sales management with Clarity.

Why choose Claritys Sales tracking software?

Learn how to maximise your sales and opportunities and gain detailed insight into ways you can improve and track your activity.

Generate more sales and pursue the right opportunities

Know exactly how your sales team are performing, which customers are paying off, and how marketing activity is impacting your bottom line. Follow up on every lead and track through the pipeline process end-to-end. Fine-tune your processes and watch the sales figures spike.

Accurate reporting and forecasting

No more guesswork. Learn exactly how profitable your sales are, what win percentages you’re achieving, and what work is most valuable to the business. Generate accurate sales tracking spreadsheets and know where to focus your growth efforts. Build reports using a full spectrum sales management system and tracking dashboard of live data and CRM cross-references.

Sales tracking software and key data dashboard

Manage the entire sales process from one central dashboard, personalised to show you the key information for your business. Set follow up reminders, create responsive and amendable quotes, and link with customer data in the CRM to never miss an opportunity or communication. Know what was quoted, when, and by whom with a paperless, automatic and accurate online sales tracking system.

Reduced errors and faster information access

With Clarity’s simple sales tracking software, there’s no need to enter information by hand. Using CRM software connections, get accurate information on customer sales and profitability with generated reports and responsive quotes.

Do more with Sales+ for Clarity Go Premium

With our easy to use sales board you can track leads through the sales process with ease. Full visibility of leads and sales with simple drag and drop functionality.

Automated opportunities

Opportunities are automatically created depending on your quotes to save hours of extra work. They can also be manually added by a suitable member of the team.

Add activities and notes to your opportunities

You can simple keep track of your opportunities and add activities and notes for full team transparency

Allocate leads accordingly

The Leads board is the area where all open Leads drop into. At this stage, the Leads can be allocated out to different members in the team.

Track your Leads through the sales process

With our selling board you can see an overview of the sales process for each confirmed lead and drag and drop into the correct status

Analyse your won opportunities

Our won board shows an overview of all of the opportunities that have been won by date and team member

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