How to Gain a Competitive Edge in Your Sales & Marketing Strategy

No matter how niche or unique your offering, if you have a business, you are in competition with other businesses. Globalisation and the rise of corporate monoliths such as Amazon have blurred the divides between locations and business sizes, giving customers more choice and access than ever before.

In short: you need a competitive edge.

Your sales and marketing strategy is a great place to start. Tactics can be turned on and off with relative ease, and a wealth of data and sales and marketing software services make your campaigns measurable and trackable. Most importantly, the strategy behind your sales and marketing can either prevent or account for significant drop off, so it pays to use every advantage available!

Here are five tips you can employ to gain that critical competitive edge:

1) Set Follow Up Reminders

Just had a meeting with a prospective customer? Or running a successful lead campaign and sitting on untapped potential? Don’t underestimate the power of following up!

Aside from being a fantastic way to let the person know that they are important to you (why else would you be following up?) it is a crucial step in the sales process. A study shows that 80% of sales require as many as 5 follow-up calls after a meeting. The silver lining? The same study indicated that 44% of sales reps give up after the first follow-up.

Stay organised and ahead of the competition by implementing CRM software for sales and marketing. Our Activities module lets you keep your diary highly ordered, set relevant follow up reminders, and record all necessary deadlines.

2) Leverage Content and Use Data in Marketing

Creating content is good, but creating good content is great. And the key to that is storytelling. A study shows that after a lengthy presentation, 63% of attendees can remember stories where only 5% remember statistics.

Generating brand awareness and educating your audience in an exciting and engaging way builds trust and loyalty over time. But it goes deeper than that, as you can use data to understand what content is resonating with your audience and when. Data provides insights, and insights provide opportunities.

The Clarity Software Marketing module gives you the ability to see the real value of your marketing campaigns.

3) Identify and Segment Your Audience

Segmenting your audience helps you to market your product or service more effectively. You’re essentially combining like-minded groups of customers together to ensure your marketing lands with maximum impact - not just your message, but the selected channels for that message, too.

Our CRM module is must-have software for sales and marketing. It makes it easy to identify, segment, and talk to your customers in their preferred language.

4) Get the Numbers Right

Probably the easiest way to lose trust with your customers is by misquoting a figure on an invoice or costing sheet. It is a simple mistake to make, often due to oversight more than anything else. However, it can make building credibility much more difficult than it needs to be, and quite possibly account for the loss of new or prospective customers.

Estimating and quoting software not only keeps your figures accurate, but your risk of underestimating a project cost is greatly reduced too. Our Estimating and Quoting and Price Management modules provide complete consistency and profit assurance.

5) Create Ambassadors Out of Customers

Offering excellent customer service begins with excellent CRM software. By providing top tier customer service at every opportunity, your business can turn customer queries into opportunities to exceed expectations.

The payoff is tremendous. Nine in ten people consider the level of customer service as a deciding factor in their choice of brands. Additionally, satisfied customers become brand ambassadors, giving you both the cheapest and most effective form of advertising available: word-of-mouth.

Manage Your Sales and Marketing Strategy With Clarity Software

Take advantage with sales and marketing software suited to you. With Clarity Go or Clarity Pro, you can build on the strengths of your existing marketing campaigns, and explore new angles and executions with the support of real-time data.

Speak to Clarity Software and let us help you get the most out of your sales and marketing.

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