Payment Options For Clarity Software: Everything You Need To Know

Clarity Software has given over 5,000 leading brands complete profit assurance. 

Designed to give organisations complete transparency over their sales pipeline, workflow and quoting processes, it is the most powerful quoting and estimating software on the market. 

The Government has backed several funding programmes to help businesses embrace digital transformation and put frameworks in place as they recover from post-pandemic fatigue. Find out more about Government funding for Clarity Software.

We’ve also got three different payment options to help companies manage the costs of implementing Clarity Software into their business. 

How does Clarity Software help organisations? 

Poor productivity and efficiency costs British businesses £143 billion a year

Clarity Software helps businesses reach their maximum potential in productivity, and efficiency, giving them complete profit assurance.

Designed to improve workflow processes, increase sales lead conversions and provide complete transparency over the entire business process. When integrated with the appropriate support and training, Clarity Go and Clarity Pro is an invaluable tool that revolutionises organisations. 

It’s important to note that the true value of Clarity comes over time. It’s critical to get the foundations right - this is done through thorough training and onboarding so that every team member is singing from the same hymn sheet. After this, you’ll see just how invaluable Clarity Software is, and never look back. 

Payment options for Clarity Software

Previously, we offered two payment options - an outright purchase and rental of the software. However, we’re in the business of helping you work smarter, not harder, so we’ve introduced a third option; leasing. 

One-off payment

If you choose a one-off payment, you’ll purchase Clarity Software outright with a lump sum cash payment and have complete ownership of the software. Training is not included in this and must be purchased separately. 


When you rent Clarity Pro or Clarity Go, you’ll pay a monthly sum through direct debit on a contracted term. You must pay for training and onboarding. 


Our leasing option means companies can pay for Clarity Pro in digestible monthly payments, and you’ll own the software at the end of your lease. There is also a small support fee added to the monthly lease price. 

To make this possible, we’ve partnered with Grenke AG who work with your finance team to work out a flexible leasing plan that suits your business. 

Training and onboarding are included in this price, and as the payments are more manageable, you can opt for Clarity’s advanced features that will take your business to the next level. 

Clarity Software Pricing Options

Leasing eligibility requirements 

A leasing contract is down to the discretion of Grenke, but they take the following into consideration:

  • Has the business been trading for a minimum of 12 months? 

  • Does the company have a minimum of 12 months worth of filed accounts? 

  • Is the company reputable and creditworthy?

The benefits of leasing 

Leasing software can be incredibly advantageous. From managing cash flow to having access to the latest software, it’s a very appealing option for many business owners. 

Because these lease payments are considered rental payments in the eyes of the Government, they’re permissible against pre-tax profits. This means companies can offset the total cost of leasing throughout the entire duration of the lease, and all payments are deducted as normal trading expenses.

  • Conserves capital and manages cash flow

  • You own the software at the end of the term

  • Fixed lease amounts enable you to plan ahead

  • Existing credit lines are protected

  • Payment is spread throughout the useful working life of the equipment

  • Equipment can be upgraded to take advantage of new developments or increased needs. 

If you’d like to discuss funding options to help you grow your business with Clarity Software, get in touch today.

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