Proof of Delivery applications (POD) – 5 benefits

Proof of Delivery applications offer a variety of benefits that will help to improve your business operations

Proof of delivery applications help to improve the essential step in the logistics chain as they serve to ensure a package has been delivered in the right condition to the intended recipient. Renowned organisations such as DHL and Royal Mail use such systems within their large scale logistic operations.

Using electronic proof of delivery software will often enable the user to capture the recipient’s signature, name, photo, and text notes directly in the mobile app. With quick access to this information, managers can resolve any customer disputes that many arise.

Increased data access

As well as providing the successful delivery and installation of completed jobs, the app records time spent on deliveries, tracks status in real time and provides a complete paperless trail for each job.

Listing all the relevant details your driver may need on a paper delivery note can be challenging and can result in drivers needing to spend time on the phone with office staff.

Reduce chance for customer disputes

Disputes with customers can be time consuming and result in unwanted cost to your business. Equipping drivers with the ability capture evidence and collect data whilst on site means the chance of customer disputes arising is significantly lowered.

For example, a driver can take a picture of delivered items or record time stamp details when the customer is not there to receive the delivery.

Greater efficiency

Users can quickly attach the digital proof of delivery to a job rather than waiting for documents to arrive back in the office. This can speed up the rate of payment as you can invoice as soon as work is delivered.

Eliminate manual paperwork

Electronic signature recording systems remove the need to physically gather and organise paperwork associated with customers. This results in cost savings associated with printing and paper. The risk of signed paperwork getting damaged or being lost is also less because information can now be directly captured and stored on a mobile device.

Most apps are simple to use and provide easy methodical workflows which means people get used to them quick and are less likely to make errors like they would using a paper-based form.

Improved control and traceability

You can also track the actual time spent on each job by your delivery driver or third-party courier using a proof of delivery app. Recording such data means that as a business you can ensure both quality and economy.

Such applications mean that you can optimise fuel and mileage, plan efficient routes and maximise revenue.

Proof of delivery applications not only offer the ability to capture digital signatures, photos and other customer data but also provide a system for recording instances when something has gone wrong in real-time.

Greater transparency of delivery using such applications reduces the burden on customer care teams having to chase and check the status of an order every time. Customers can now view, download or print their proofs directly and check exactly where their delivery is.

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