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“Clarity is very important to us as it enables us to provide our customers with quick and clear costs for whatever they require. A lot of the work we do is bespoke and Clarity makes it very easy for us to provide a quotation tailored exactly to the specific needs of our clients.”

Paul McClave

Interbar Case Study

Company Background

Founded in 1986, Interbar Ltd has established itself as one of the leading bar design and build consultancies in the UK, fitting breathtaking bespoke bar solutions to the hospitality industry and to private clients.

Company issues

Interbar were looking to upgrade their quotation system to improve precision and speed when estimating new projects. They chose Clarity after agreeing that it stood out as the leading MIS system on the market for job-based companies.

Proposed solution

Gordon Duff had been looking for a system that was tailored to cater for digital printing, screen printing, fabrication and CNC routing requirements and was impressed with Clarity at the 2010 Sign & Digital UK Exhibition in Birmingham.

Ongoing support

Clarity Professional is integrated with Interbar’s bar design and build system and empowers its four users to quickly and accurately create a new quote and new revisions.

Paul McClave, Designer at Interbar, explains: “The price list in Clarity is most useful as we can constantly add to it and make sure we aways keep a record of the different components we design and build.