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From production management software to stock control and goods management software and MIS business reporting, you can do more than ever before. Clarity Software’s core and advanced features empower managers and operators to do better and strive for more.

What’s the difference between Printlogic and Clarity?

Designed specifically for the print industry, Printlogic is great for smaller companies that don’t want integrations and are looking to silo their marketing efforts. For companies within print who are looking for more sophistication and integration, Clarity Software can help you work smarter than ever before.

Enhanced Integrations

Clarity gives you an overview of your company data, integrating with third party softwares you use to collate and present the information you need to make your next move. From Xero to Sage and Mailchimp, all your information is in one safe place.

Document Storage

Printlogic’s document storage is done via a third party provider, Web2Print, whereas Clarity Software’s dependable document storage solution is in-house, easy-to-follow and secure.

Full CRM Functionality

Printlogic offers basic CRM functionality specifically for print, but Clarity takes it that one step further, giving businesses better communication, accuracy and tracking. This helps you stay in touch with customers and keeps business flowing.

 Marketing and sales attribution

Whilst Printlogic helps you manage customers, Clarity’s marketing and sales attribution feature helps this process from the moment prospective customers enquire, so that you never miss a beat. 

What customers have to say about Clarity Software

George E

"It keeps me organised and keeps all of my workflow in one place so I know the status each job is at. I find it easy to use and when I have any problems then the support staff are helpful and get it sorted quickly for me."

Business Director