Real-time stock control and measurement, warehouse visibility and handling and accurate picking lists are here, thanks to our software offering

Connect stock levels to set minimum stock orders and reminders to reorder or review stock, so you always know what you have available. Never over-order again, and make better use of your stock materials with nesting and resource scheduling so you’re always ordering and using exactly what you need, when you need it.

Improve lead times for customer delivery by knowing your stock levels inside out, and refer to stock supply when quoting to allow for realistic lead times. Not only that, but connect your stock control to supplier pricing so you’re always getting the right price, and with our electronic sign off function for suppliers, there’s no more paper-chasing for either party. 

Save time on picking orders with our automatically generated picking lists. Our software groups confirmed jobs together so you can pick for multiple jobs at once, saving time and effort on trips around the warehouse, and get jobs into production quicker. With detail pulled direct from the signed-off customer quote, it’s easy to source the right materials every time. 

Thanks to our Stock Control & Goods Handling software, everyone in the business can see when stock is delivered, when it’s due, and when it was ordered. Create safe and appropriate holding areas for stock and comply with health and safety guidelines without compromise. 

It’s simple – it’s stock control with Clarity. 

Why Choose Clarity Stock Control & Goods Handling Software?

Create a safer workplace, save time on picking orders, reduce wasted stock and speed up production time and delivery by having effective stock control with our software. 

Control stock levels effectively without waste or overspend

We follow the buy-to-supply rule, and our software ensures you never end up with stock sat around or wasted, nor do you run out of essential stock thanks to minimum stock ordering and monitoring. Always be prepared for any customer job and manage expectations effectively.

Reduce time spent picking orders

By combining multiple signed-off jobs into one picking order, you save time, improve staff efficiency and are able to process jobs into production more quickly. No more unnecessary trips around the warehouse.

Connect with customer quotes and supplier pricing for accuracy every time

Rest assured that your production orders and stock is accurate thanks to our software pulling detail direct from customer quote sign-off. Combine that with supplier-specific pricing for stock ordering and you’re able to improve your accuracy and ensure everyone gets the right deal.

Create business-wide visibility of stock and item locations

No matter where staff are, provide visibility of goods in and stock locations with our tracking system. Stock never gets lost or misplaced and goods can be handled in a safe manner by trained staff.


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